On 07/03/2008, Thomas Anders wrote:
> > CHANGES: build: BUG: 1823381: Use a sensible default MIBDIR path
> > on Cygwin/MinGW
> > (Should this be applied to other branches? If so, which?)

> It just cleans up the PATH w/o really fixing a bug, right? If so, I'd say trunk only.

Depends on how you categorise things.

With the previous code, the default MIB path was set to something like:


That ':' separator character apparently breaks MIB searching on
Cygwin/MinGW builds. (At least according to an old mail thread).
So this patch takes the coward's way out, and sets a single MIB directory.

I was actually more interested in committing the other stuff - this
patch has apparently been sitting in my SVN build tree for some time!

I'm quite happy for people to come up with a better solution,
or to declare this "not a problem".
(And even revert the patch, if that's felt best)


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