Hi Dave,
When I try with this command, I am getting the following response on my
target and snmpd is not running:

root:/bin> snmpd -f -Le -d -c /etc/snmpd.conf
Usage: snmpd [-h lhost] [-p lport] [-c community]

The content of my snmpd.conf file is:

# sec.name source community
com2sec local localhost tst
com2sec mynetwork tst
# sec.model sec.name
group MyRWGroup v1 local
group MyRWGroup v2c local
group MyRWGroup usm local
group MyROGroup v1 mynetwork
group MyROGroup v2c mynetwork
group MyROGroup usm mynetwork
# incl/excl subtree mask
view all included .1 80
# context sec.model sec.level match read write notif
access MyROGroup "" any noauth exact all all none
access MyRWGroup "" any noauth exact all all none

syscontact Manu A.S.
proc mountd
proc ntalkd 4
proc sendmail 10 1
exec echotest /bin/echo hello world
disk / 10000
load 12 14 14

Dave, Thanks for your immediate response.

Best Regards,

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On 06/03/2008, manu.asm@wipro.com wrote:
> As you suggested, I have tried to give the path of snmpd.conf in my
> run-time environment. The exact command I gave is (snmpd.conf file is
> stored under /etc/ at run-time environment):
> root:/bin> snmpd -c /etc/snmpd.conf &

You shouldn't need to run this in the background.
The SNMP agent will fork itself off to run as a daemon automatically.

What are the contents of the /etc/snmpd.conf file?

Try starting the agent using

snmpd -f -Le -d -c /etc/snmpd.conf

and then run the "snmpget" query.
Do you see anything printed by the snmpd command?


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