Let me start off with this may all just be related to carbon based
errors on the terminal.

I have at least two vendor provided non-included mibs that I would like
to use with my net-snmp installation (net-snmp-5.4-16). I have read and
read about importing these things into the tools and agent side, and
have been having problems with it. One of the packages is an AMC-RAID
package from 3ware that came as an RPM, installing the txt for the mibs,
and the shared objects. I also have a MIB for merak mail, but so far I
have just found the txt for this. I have the paths/enviromental
variables set for the snmpwalk/snmp tools to use the mibs (set as the
mibs directive in snmp.conf, and also exported at the shell) and I don't
even get beyond either an end of the mib tree error, or agent doesn't
know this oid error:

SNMPv2-SMI:rg.1458.100 = No more variables left in this MIB View (It
is past the end of the MIB tree)
AMCC-RAID-MIB::amccRaidMIB = No Such Object available on this agent at
this OID

Without fail using the mib2c tool I get this error:
Undefined subroutine &SNMP::initMib called at /usr/bin/mib2c line 44.

I have the SNMP.pm module installed properly, and, as well, net-snmp was
installed from an RPM for Fedora 7, which is the O/s I am running at
present on the monitor system. That eliminates anything I can do to
compile, easily, the mibs for the agent on the other host (that doesn't
have the libraries and everything else I need to compile this on) so I
am at a standstill.

I have read, repeatedly, the how-to's for mib importing, and nothing I
have tried regarding that has worked for me yet. Any help would be
appreciated. Anyone calling me stupid, please point out why and what I
missed :-D


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