On 28/02/2008, Raghavendra Prasad wrote:
> My questions is the above function call is implemented in an infinite
> loop with periodic calls to function "send_example_notification". ...
> .... [I] believe that the program
> execution will never come out of "continous watcher loop", thereby the
> agent will
> NOT respond to SET and GET requests(I have not checked it yet though),
> or for that matter it does not deal with anything other than this
> "continous watcher loop"

Then you believe wrong.
The whole purpose of the "infinite loop" is to watch for SET and GET
requests, and process them appropriately.

The snmp_alarm_register() is used to set up an interrupt timer,
which will break into this infinite processing loop at regular intervals,
invoke the code to send the notification, and then return to the main
loop - watching for GET/SET requests.

An agent that doesn't handle such requests would be pretty useless!
(So it might perhaps have been worth checking the code rather than
guessing how the agent works and getting it so badly wrong)


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