On 01/03/2008, Sun Le wrote:
> How to develop the agent and mib to support?I need to make the platform
> to collect the information from the devices first,

No - the *first* thing you need to do is think about what sort of
information is relevant for this particular device. What things
might you need to find out about the device, and what actions
might you need to apply to it.

Think also about how this information might need to be organised.
Which bits are global to the box as a whole, and which bits might
potentially need to be repeated for several subsystems.

Note that word "potentially" - don't just think about the current
capabilities of the device that you're working with at the moment.
Bear in mind what might happen in the future. It is possible to
envisage one box containing multiple versions of what is currently
a single subsystem.
(e.g. a CD player will *normally* only have one drive in it, but
can potentially have several. So it's sensible to design with the
multiple-drive approach in mind, even if you don't currently expect
to use things that way).

Once you've identified your information requirements, that can
then guide both the development of interfaces to the hardware
itself (if that's something you'll be doing yourself), and the design
of the MIB module representing this information.
And do remember to check whether there's already a suitable
MIB that you can use for some or all of your requirements.
Don't re-invent the wheel.


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