Hi everybody,

Thanks for your reply.

> I would recommend against implementaing a watchdog as part of a MIB. Rather, a standalone application which generates the > > >traps frees you from such concerns.

Well, could you please explain what you mean by developing watchdog as
part of MIB?

Let me explain what I intend to do - I use mib2c.scalar.conf file to
generate the trap watchdog souce-code frame work, which hooks traps to
OIDs. Yes you are right traps might not even be associated with OIDs,
then it makes sense to develop it as a parallel standalone
application. Currently my trap watcher is also a standalone
application but implemented as part of MIB(I mean generated from

One major problem with standalone application(without implementing it
as part of MIB OIDs) is traphandling. In snmptrapd.conf file we need
to specify trap handlers for each trap generated like

traphandle OID command

I don not intend to use "default" option i.e., traphandle default command

Please clarify

With warm regards,


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