I've got a FreeBSD 6.2 server running some tunnels and wanted to start
keeping statistics. I installed net-snmp and am able to poll the system
successfully however not all the interfaces are being picked up.

I have 2 GIGE NICs, and then 500+ GIF interfaces. I always get the GIGE
NICs, but after my first snmpwalk I noticed I was only getting 4 of the
GIF interfaces, and not in any particular order (2,6,11,18). All of the
GIF interfaces are up with working connectivity so I'm perplexed as to why
only a few were picked up. Hours later I revisited this and on a new
snmpwalk, I got only 4 GIF interfaces again, but a different set
(5,9,13,16). I hadn't changed anything in snmpd.conf, nor restarted any
services. All of the tunnels are still up and operational and passing

Has anyone ever encountered this sort of situation?

I'm using NET-SNMP version: 5.3.1

Below is interface output from an snmpwalk against the server. If more
information is needed I can happily supply:

IF-MIB::ifNumber.0 = INTEGER: 526
IF-MIB::ifIndex.1 = INTEGER: 1
IF-MIB::ifIndex.2 = INTEGER: 2
IF-MIB::ifIndex.3 = INTEGER: 3
IF-MIB::ifIndex.4 = INTEGER: 4
IF-MIB::ifIndex.5 = INTEGER: 5
IF-MIB::ifIndex.6 = INTEGER: 6
IF-MIB::ifIndex.7 = INTEGER: 7
IF-MIB::ifDescr.1 = STRING: bge0
IF-MIB::ifDescr.2 = STRING: bge1
IF-MIB::ifDescr.3 = STRING: lo0
IF-MIB::ifDescr.4 = STRING: gif5
IF-MIB::ifDescr.5 = STRING: gif9
IF-MIB::ifDescr.6 = STRING: gif13
IF-MIB::ifDescr.7 = STRING: gif16
IF-MIB::ifType.1 = INTEGER: ethernetCsmacd(6)
IF-MIB::ifType.2 = INTEGER: ethernetCsmacd(6)
IF-MIB::ifType.3 = INTEGER: softwareLoopback(24)
IF-MIB::ifType.4 = INTEGER: 240
IF-MIB::ifType.5 = INTEGER: 240
IF-MIB::ifType.6 = INTEGER: 240
IF-MIB::ifType.7 = INTEGER: 240
IF-MIB::ifMtu.1 = INTEGER: 1500
IF-MIB::ifMtu.2 = INTEGER: 1500
IF-MIB::ifMtu.3 = INTEGER: 16384
IF-MIB::ifMtu.4 = INTEGER: 1280
IF-MIB::ifMtu.5 = INTEGER: 1280
IF-MIB::ifMtu.6 = INTEGER: 1280
IF-MIB::ifMtu.7 = INTEGER: 1280


- Alex

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