I've compiled the net-snmp 5.4.1 sources in HPUX 11 and everything worked

Now I'm trying to run mib2c, and it cant find the mib file. I tried a

snmptranslate -m ALL myModuleIdentityName and I'm getting :

No log handling enabled - turning on stderr logging

ptInovacao: Unknown Object Identifier (Sub-id not found: (top) ->

I also tried :


export MIBS

env MIBS="+MYMIB" ./mib2c -c mib2c.create-dataset.conf MYMIB

I've read lots of posts and tried everything but nothing worked.

Net-snmp-config gives me:

kapa:root> ./net-snmp-config --prefix


kapa:root> ./net-snmp-config --default-mibdirs


kapa:root> ./net-snmp-config --snmpconfpath


kapa:root> ./net-snmp-config --persistent-directory


I've put my mib file both in $HOME/.snmp/mibs and in
/usr/local/share/snmp/mibs (all places stated by --default-mibdirs)

I've put snmp.conf with mibs +MYMIB in all the places stated by
net-snmp-config --snmpconfpath.

I've tried the following command : snmpwalk -Dparse-mibs -v 1 -c private
localhost system

And it gives (I've also put the last lines):


parse-mibs: Module SNMPv2-SMI already loaded

parse-mibs: Module SNMPv2-TC already loaded

parse-mibs: #### adding Module 0 'enterprises' 5

parse-mibs: #### adding Module 0 'TestAndIncr' 6

parse-mibs: Processing IMPORTS for module 0 MYMIB

parse-mibs: Processing import: enterprises

parse-mibs: Processing import: TestAndIncr

Timeout: No Response from localhost

>From this, it looks that the agent can't import TestAndIncr so it fails

loading my mib!

Can you please help me? I've read all the post I could find and tried
everithink, but nothing worked.

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