On 27/02/2008, oknets10 wrote:
> Isn't the fact that I'm getting a response from the agent, is indicating
> that I have the required mapping ?


> Anyway, following is the relevant mapping from my snmpd.conf:


> rocommunity mas-public
> rwcommunity mas-privae
> rocommunity sub-public
> rwcommunity sub-privae
> com2sec mas-Sec-Ro default mas-public
> com2sec mas-Sec-Rw default mas-private
> com2sec sub-Sec-Ro default sub-public
> com2sec sub-Sec-Rw default sub-private

Use EITHER "r[ow]community" OR "com2sec".
Not both. In this case, you need to use "com2sec".

You do *not* have anything that maps the community
"sub-public" into the context "sub1".

Please re-read the documentation for "com2sec".


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