Hi everybody,

In the example program "notification.c" provided with Net-SNMP, we
have the following function call

snmp_alarm_register(30, /* seconds */
SA_REPEAT, /* repeat (every 30 seconds). */
send_example_notification, /* our callback */
NULL /* no callback data needed */

which calls the function "send_example_notification"(a pointer to
TRAP generating function) every 30 seconds.

In my project I have a similar requirement, using something similar as
above we plan to keep
a continous watch on a database(which stores the complete data of a
hardware device, hence it reflects
the complete state of Hardware device with which SNMP agent deals
with) and throw traps in case of any abnormalities - which seems
quiet achievable!.

My questions is the above function call is implemented in an infinite
loop with periodic calls to function "send_example_notification". In C
there are no threads, which makes me believe that the program
execution will never come out of "continous watcher loop", thereby the
agent will
NOT respond to SET and GET requests(I have not checked it yet though),
or for that matter it does not deal with anything other than this
"continous watcher loop"

I hope I have conveyed what I intended to. Looking for some help

With warm regards,


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