On 27/02/2008, Steve McCarthy wrote:
> I have been having problems getting snmpv3 authentication of the passphrase
> to work, and I have seen a lot of emails from others with this problem.
> I have found that my problem was due to my snmp libraries being built for my
> Linux Motorola system with compilation set for little-endian instead of
> big-endian.

> How should I set this define in the build?

$ ./configure --help | grep endian
--with-endianness=big|little define endianness of target platform

> I can see:
> NET_SNMP_CFG += --with-endianness=big
> else
> NET_SNMP_CFG += --with-endianness=little
> Endif
> In the top makefile.

Which makefile is this?
I've just checked the current source, and there's
no mention of CONFIG_CPU_BIG_ENDIAN at all.

The code above looks suspiciously like an external
wrapper around the Net-SNMP configure mechanism.
Where did you pick the SNMP code up from?


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