On 26/02/2008, Devvrat Tripathi wrote:
> Suppose you have registered a handler for a particular OID will the
> requests->requestvb contain the name and name_length of that OID. I
> registered my handler for a particular OID and inside my handler i direct
> the SET request somewhere else.

OK so far.

> for that i need to add a variable using snmp_add_var.

What exactly are you trying to do?

> I do
> snmp_add_var(pdu,requests->requestvb->name,
> requests->requestvb->name_length,
> type,(const char *)mystring);

Which "pdu" structure are you adding this varbind to?
I hope you're not messing with the PDU from the SET request!

> Somehow the agent stops working after i do it.

If you are mangling the incoming SET request, then this
will indeed utterly confuse the agent.
Within the handler routine, the *only* thing you should
touch is the 'requests' list (and the requestvb structures
that hang off it).


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