Hi All!

I'm working on Solaris 10 (SunOS 5.10) x86, with net-snmp 5.0.9 running,
and try to write an snmp-subagent. I thought I should start with the
delivered demos, but i'm not able to run demo_module_8, found under
'/usr/demo/sma_snmp/demo_module_8' as expected.

It seems, that the subagent is registered, according to the snmp-logfile [1=
but i can't do an snmpget request ("/usr/sfw/bin/snmpget -m+SDK-DEMO1-MIB
-v 2c -c public localhost .") on the
entries, it says: "SDK-DEMO1-MIB::me1SystemLoadAvg1min.0 =3D No Such Object
available on this agent at this OID"

In the snmpd.conf file, i've just set ro- and rwcommunity and 'master agent=
x'. [2]

Maybe somebody can give me a hint what todo or had a similar problem.

Regards, Michael

[1] http://phpfi.com/298985
[2] http://phpfi.com/298986
-- =

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