On 18/02/2008, shrinivas alageri wrote:
> I wanted to integrate SMUX aith FreeRadius with above version.

A couple of things to note:
- the 5.1.x line is very old and is no longer being supported
- the SMUX implementation is also very old, and none of the
current developers have much experience with it.
(SMUX has effectively been superceded by AgentX)

> 4. started the radiusd and snmpd daemons.

Which daemon are you starting first?
What happens if you try things the other way round?

It would probably be worth starting the SNMP agent with the
option -Dsmux, and looking at the output that is produced:

a) when you start up the radius daemon
b) when you try to query the delegated MIB

That debugging output might give some indication as to
what is happening.


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