On 18/02/2008, Steve McCarthy wrote:
> I then added rwuser steve1 noauth and rwuser steve3 auth to my snmpd.conf
> file that also had rocommunity and rwcommunity settings. I then added
> createUser stevev1 and createUser stevev3 MD5 "my_password" DES to my
> persistent snmpd.conf file.

> snmpget =96v 3 =96u steve1 =96l noAuthNoPriv =96A my_password =96a MD5 ta=

> Objectname
> on the noauth user, I successfully get the response data.

> snmpget =96v 3 =96u steve3 =96l noAuthNoPriv =96A my_password =96a MD5 ta=

> Objectname
> on the auth user I get AuthorizationError (access denied to the objec=


> snmpget =96v 3 =96u steve =96l noAuthNoPriv =96A my_password =96a MD5 tar=

> Objectname
> I get Unknown user name as expected.

All of those seem as expected.

> snmpget =96v 3 =96u steve3 =96l AuthNoPriv =96A my_password =96a MD5 targ=

> Objectname
> on the auth user I get Authentication failure

Try running the agent with the option "-Dusm"
(or if your application doesn't support the -D flag, then add the line
debug_register_tokens("usm"); and recompile).

That might give some indication as to exactly where the authentication
is failing.


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