On 18/02/2008, Raghavendra Prasad wrote:
> (1) The trap time stamp is time of recieving of trap at NMS by the traphandler
> (2) The trap time stamp is time of sending of trap by SNMP agent

> Please tell me which of the above two correctly describes time stamp of a
> trap.

The value of the 'time-field' field of the v1 trap PDU, and the sysUpTime.0
varbind of SNMPv2-format notifications are provided by the trap generator
(i.e. the agent). So this should be a consistent value - regardless of the
number of trap destinations.

But note that this is a 'sysUpTime' value, rather than an actual timestamp.
The timestamps that appear in a typical unix log file will be supplied by
the trap receiver (or syslog system).


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