On 18/02/2008, Vishal N wrote:
> I want to send a mail if trapsnmpd is not responding.

Not responding to who?
The agent, or something else?
Responding to traps or informs, or what?

It is not possible to do this for traps, since the application generating
a trap has no idea whether it was received or not. That's a fundamental
characteristic of SNMP traps.

It would in principle be possible to do this for INFORM notifications,
since these _are_ acknowledged. But the current Net-SNMP agent
does not include anything of this sort - sending email is a much
higher level activity than the normal operation of the agent.

It *might* be possible to tweak the agent code to make it do this,
but I'm not sure how straightforward it would be. The code isn't really
designed with this sort of thing in mind.

There certainly isn't any documentation for this - you'd be very much
working on your own.


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