Hee-hee. Thanks Dave, will keep that in mind.

Dave, as I re-read the README.solaris doc I realized that maybe I
misread and that in fact the net-snmpd 'snmpd' daemon still has to run
along side of the Solaris native 'snmpdx' for a net-snmp subagent to
run? In other words, in part 7 of README.solaris, when it says:

7. Using Sun's SNMP daemon and net-snmp together

Net-SNMP may be used as a subagent in conjunction with Sun's snmpdx

To do this, you will need to modify several files,
all located in /etc/snmp/conf.

First, do the following: .................................

Our problem is that the customer, who uses Solaris, may not, or probably
won't be thrilled with us having to ship the 'snmpd' daemon with the
subagent (and the net-snmp libs of course) to run our subagent on their

I don't expect you guys to perform miracles, Perhaps if snmpdx supported
agentX, would a net-snmp subagent be able to talk directly to that guy
instead of having to tunnel through the net-snmp snmpd daemon? Or have I
reached the zenith here? 00


Thanks again for your response(s).

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On 31/01/2008, Smith_Randy@emc.com wrote:
> However, we were wondering if the same can be done on AIX platform -
> that is, can the native snmpd daemon on AIX (whatever it is called)

> be used in conjunction with net-snmp subagents?

You probably need to ask the AIX people about this - it isn't a platform
that we have much experience of here. A quick poke around seems
to indicate that the standard AIX server supports SMUX-based subagents.
Unfortunately, the Net-SNMP agent can't run as a SMUX-subagent
(just as a SMUX master, and even that isn't particularly solid).

The two things to ask the AIX people about are either AgentX support
(which is essentially the replacement for SMUX), or "SNMP proxying"
(sometimes called "SNMP forwarding"). If it supports either of these,
then you should be able to link up a Net-SNMP subagent with the
AIX master.

Alternatively, you could tackle this the other way, and run the AIX
server as a "proxied subagent" of the Net-SNMP agent. You'd need
to tweak the AIX snmpd config to listen on a different port (say 6161),
and then use a (Net-SNMP) snmpd.conf line of the form:

proxy localhost:6161 .

to pass any requests for this subtree off to the AIX server.

> I read through the README.aix doc and didn't see anything
> regarding that. Perhaps that hasn't been tested?

No - I think you're the first.
Please consider writing up your experiences, so we can
include them in future versions of README.aix.
Fame and fortune await you....
(well, a modicum of fame at least - fortune may have to wait)


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