On 01/02/2008, Pranesh Kulkarni wrote:
> May be this sounding simple to you , please help me in this regard,

It's not a matter of being "simple" or complex.
The problem is that you are not giving us sufficient
information to work with.

You say that:

> Using mib2c tool , I generated code for the scalar and table and then
> configured , make and make install

But *how* did you run configure?
What was the exact command that you used?
What were the names files produced by mib2c, and where did you put them?


> if I issue snmpget it replies , No Such Instance currently exists at this OID

That's omitting all of the useful information.
What was the exact "snmpget" command that you used?
It sounds as if you supplied at least one OID to retrieve,
but what was it? And how does this fit into the structure
of your MIB, or the initialisation that you've got in your C code?

None of us can read your mind. And we don't have access to
your private files. If you don't tell us exactly what you've tried
(including the details - not something vague like "issue snmpget"),
then there is no way on earth that we can even start to guess
what might be wrong!

The more detail you can provide, the greater the chance of
someone being able to help.


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