On 01/02/2008, Smith_Randy@emc.com wrote:
> Dave, as I re-read the README.solaris doc I realized that maybe I
> misread and that in fact the net-snmpd 'snmpd' daemon still has to run
> along side of the Solaris native 'snmpdx' for a net-snmp subagent to
> run?

Well, if you're running the net-snmp stuff as a "subagent", then
it needs to have some form of "master agent" to be a subagent of.
That's pretty much inherent in the whole idea of "subagents".
(The name is a bit of a giveaway!)

Yes - Section 7 of README.solaris is specifically discussing the
case of running Net-SNMP as a subagent of the native Solaris
snmpdx agent.

> Our problem is that the customer, who uses Solaris, may not, or probably
> won't be thrilled with us having to ship the 'snmpd' daemon with the
> subagent (and the net-snmp libs of course) to run our subagent on their
> boxes.

I'm not sure what you mean by shipping snmpd "with" the subagent.
If you are incorporating a MIB implemented using the Net-SNMP
suite into the Solaris snmpdx framework, then (the net-snmp) snmpd
binary *is* the subagent.

If your customer isn't prepared to run a subagent, then they can't
get the benefit of any information that it provides. And if they _are_
happy to run a subagent, then the steps described in Section 7 lay
out what is required to do this within the Solaris snmpdx framework.
Regardless of what software implements that subagent.

If you want to reduce the complexity of this process, then you could:

a) Compile the suite statically, so your customers don't have
to worry about libraries - just a single standalone binary.

b) Strip out most of the standard Net-SNMP MIB modules
(since this information would presumably be provided by
the Solaris agent). Try "configure --enable-mini-agent"
and add your MIB modules to that.

> I don't expect you guys to perform miracles, Perhaps if snmpdx supported
> agentX, would a net-snmp subagent be able to talk directly to that guy
> instead of having to tunnel through the net-snmp snmpd daemon?

But you don't need *two* Net-SNMP agents - just have a single one, which
sits as a subagent of the Solaris agent.


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