On 01/02/2008, Jun Zhang wrote:
> Following README.win32, the configure line I used is
> ./configure \
> --with-mib-modules="host ....."

So you're telling configure to include the "host" group....

> --with-out-mib-modules=host/hr_network

..... but not the "hr_network" part of it.

> and got the following message,
> configure: WARNING: mib module error
> configure: WARNING: mib module 'host' requires module 'host/hr_network' but
> someone told me to compile without it

"hr_network" is part of the "host" group, so configure has been
told to both include and exclude the same module. That feels a
bit strange, so configure is warning you about it.

Note that it's a warning, not an error.
Configure isn't sure whether this is correct, so it's telling you that
it's confused. You can then either fix the problem (if you *did* in
fact want the whole of the host group) or carry on (if you're happy
to omit the hr_network module).


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