I mean one object (let's assume the name is DUP) is defined in MOD1 and
MOD2. Then MOD1 wants to refer the one defined in the MOD2 and MOD2 want
to refer the one in the MOD1.

Hold moment. I think my assumption is avoiding the RFC standard, under
this situation we will fall into this situation that there are two
duplicate object name in one module, right?

One more question about MIBS. If I set the MIBS as MY-MIB and MY-MIB
refers the ifIndex from IF-MIB module. Mib2c will populate the IF-MIB
(to get information about the ifIndex) for generate the stub function
for MY-MIB, right? Based on my testing it seems we don't need to SET the
MIBS as "MY-MIB IF-MIB". Could you please give me a clear picture?

Best regards,

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On 24/01/2008, Li Yun-w22793 wrote:
> One quick question is we cannot make the
> module cross referring the duplicate object, right?
> Perhaps, we cannot make our MIB definition meets this precondition.

Sorry - I have no idea what you are asking here.


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