On 23/01/2008, Mathew Bielejeski wrote:
> I have an application that is using net-snmp v5.3.0.1 and am trying to
> debug a situation where net-snmp seems to be blocking indefinitely. I
> found the following code in snmp_sess_synch_response

Think about what this routine is used for.
It means
"send a request, and wait for the answer".

> I took a look at snmp_sess_select_info and it appears block is set to 1
> if a session has no requests and no alarms.

In other words, the client has sent a request, but the answer
hasn't arrived yet (and the request hasn't timed out). So the
routine blocks, waiting for the response to be received.
Which is exactly what the routine is meant to do.

> Does anyone know what might cause this to happen?

This is working according to spec.


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