I know that Sybase has its own Unified Agent Framework program
which should allow me to monitor Sybase using SNMP agent.
I did managed to set it up but it's extremely slow. So I'm wondering
if there is a way of monitoring my database server using net-snmp
and if it's significantly more difficult to setup than sybase's own
offering. What would be the general structure of setup? If I understand
correctly I would need to install net-snmp agent on the same box that
sybase is running on. But what would i need to do after that? I need
to copy Sybase's private mibs and let net-snmp use them? Where do I
get these files and where do i copy them? Also how would I configure net-
snmp to retrieve necessary information from the server. So i want
what's up Gold to query the net-snmp running on DB server and for that
agent to retrieve necessary information. I need to monitor
more than just disk space etc but need to get really low level details
about database performance.