> On 23/01/2008, Xuan Pan wrote:
>> > What is the *full* code of:
>> > - the module initialisation routine;
>> > - the getFirst hook routine;
>> > - the getNext hook routine
>> > ?
>> > Which line of code triggers the segmentation fault?
>> > What is the exact command that you ran to query the agent?

>> My getNextIpRangeContext function

> [snip]
> Grrr!!!!!
> When I ask you for more information, could you please
> supply **ALL** of the information that I've requested.
> It is incredibly frustrating to be constantly working in
> the dark when I'm trying to assist you!
> If you can't be bothered to answer my questions in full,
> why should I waste my time?
> Grrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry for the confusing post. The module initialization routine is a bit
complex. I mean I didn't want to copy irrelevant code to complicate the
debug work. I thought the getFirst... was not related to the error. It
turned out I was wrong.

I have found the error by printing out the addresses of pIndex in both
getFirst.. and getNext routines. I moved the pIndex pointer to the next
variable in the variable list in the getFirst...function. Should have made
a copy of the pointer. Should have done more debug work before occupying
your valuable time.

Thank you so much.


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