On 23/01/2008, Xuan Pan wrote:
> Finally I am stuck in front of an error, Internal error in type switching.
> It occurs:
> snmp_set_var_value(pIndex, (u_char *)& lpDhcpEntry->index, sizeof(int));
> pIndex = pIndex->next_variable;
> // Before this!!!!!
> snmp_set_var_value(pIndex, (u_char *)& lpIpRangeEntry->index, sizeof(int));

Where *exactly* does this error occur?
Try running the agent under a debugger.

$ gdb snmpd
gdb> b getNextIpRangeContext {or wherever it is choking}
gdb> run -f -Le {plus any other options you might need}

Then run a single "snmpgetnext -r 0 -t 6000 ..." query against this agent,
and single step through the routine until you hit this error.
What does the structure pointed to by 'pIndex' look like at that point?

> I doubt the error is caused by not registering two indexes correctly by
> using netsnmp_table_helper_add_indexes(pTableInfo, ASN_INTEGER,

That looks OK at first sight.

> I can't find a tutorial or any documentation about this API. I use a '0'
> for the last argument because I read an example comment from the table.c
> saying this function can take a variable index parameter list. I wonder
> what the last argument '0' stands for.

It markes the end of the list of indexes. There can be an arbitrary number
of them, so the netsnmp_table_helper_add_indexes() needs some way to
detect when it's finished processing. 0 is not a valid SNMP type enumeration,
so can mark the end of the list.

> I have tried to
> generate some debug information in the line "//Before this!!!!!" What I
> know is pIndex is not NULL and trying pIndex->type also gives me the same
> error.

But what value does pIndex->type actually hold?
And which assignment is triggering the problem?


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