On 23/01/2008, Nirmal Choudhary wrote:
> But I have another issue. I am running snmpd as follows:
> snmpd -x tcp:localhost:705 -f -Lo -C -c /tmp/snmpd.conf -I interfaces

Think about what the option "-I interfaces" means.
It says
"activate the module 'interfaces' **and nothing else**"

> /tmp/snmpd.conf: line 1: Warning: Unknown token: rwcommunity.

This is part of the module "mibII/vacm_conf"
(which you're not activating)

> /tmp/snmpd.conf: line 2: Warning: Unknown token: master.
> /tmp/snmpd.conf: line 3: Warning: Unknown token: agentxRetries.

These are part of the agentx modules
(which you're not activating)

> Q1. Why I see warnings for lines 1, 2 and 3?

Because you've turned off the modules that handle them.

> Q2. SNMP Walk on "interface" works fine from any machine and community
> name specified is also not having no effect. Any community name works.

Because you've also turned off the access control processing.


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