23-01-08, Dave Shield napisa=B3(a):
> On 23/01/2008, Mariusz Iwa=F1ski wrote:
> > I'm running on:
> > Linux version 2.4.31, gcc version 3.3.5
> >
> > After looking into diskio.c code I think that this is the problem.
> > There is no statistics in /proc/partitions and agent is looking for
> > them there.
> >
> > Is it possible to fix this without kernel compilation ???

> Ummm... possibly not.
> Checking the kernel code, the contents of this interface are
> provided by the routine part_show() (in 'drivers/block/genhd.c').
> This starts:
> seq_puts(s, "major minor #blocks name"
> " rio rmerge rsect ruse wio wmerge "
> "wsect wuse running use aveq"
> #endif
> "\n\n");
> and continues in a similar vein.
> And from Documentation/Configure.help,
> Per partition statistics in /proc/partitions
> If you say yes here, your kernel will keep statistical information
> for every partition. The information includes things as numbers of
> read and write accesses, the number of merged requests etc.
> This is required for the full functionality of sar(8) and interesting
> if you want to do performance tuning, by tweaking the elevator, e.g.
> If unsure, say N.
> So it looks as if the 2.4.x kernel needs to be built with this option to
> provide the neccesary information to support the diskIO table.
> If you can find an alternative interface to this data, then it might
> be possible to amend the diskIO module code accordingly. But
> otherwise, you may need to recompile your kernel.
> The bottom line is that we can only report the information that's
> available. The Net-SNMP agent isn't magic, and can't conjure
> statistics out of thin air!
> Dave

OK, so thats it, it will take me some time to switch to new
kernel.Serwer I'm working on is werry havy used so I cant just switch
it off

Thank you Dave for all your help and patience. See you in some time
on kernel 2.6
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