On 23 Jan 2008 09:39:14 -0000, girish wrote:
> But what I doubt is if we send a get request with multiple attributes in
> a single request how it will be handled by the Master.

All the varbinds will be processed, and the results returned in the same
order as the original request.

> How it will forward it to the subagent.

The varbinds that are relevant to a particular subagent will be forwarded
to that subagent. Those that are registered within the main agent will
be handled internally.

The master agent stiches everything together in the right order,
before returning the response.

> How actually this handled at master side???

I'm sorry - I don't have the time to explain the inner workings of
the agent. Please just believe me that Everything Just Works.

(In fact, it relies on the 'next_variable' links of the 'requestvb'
structure - which is why you shouldn't be following these. Your
MIB module should work with the 'request->next' links, which
follow the varbinds relevant to your module. Anything else is
None Of Your Business).


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