On 23/01/2008, prasun.thapliyal@wipro.com wrote:
> My development environment is C/C++ on Solaris 10. Net-SNMP came installed
> with the OS, so I didn't compile it, neither am I supposed to replace the
> agent/libraries which come with the installation.

Does this installatin include the client-side tools (snmpget, snmpwalk, etc).
What about 'snmptrapd'?

> I have an assignment which requires me to do the following:
> 1. Load a user MIB, parse it and then poll for specified objects
> periodically (on some customer network elements).
> 2. Listen to traps defined in the MIB, and act upon them (on some customer
> network elements).
> 3. Fetch the historical alarm list using snmpget/getnext/walk from my own
> development machine (Solaris 10) and the customer NE(s).

None of that actually requires writing code - let alone changing the
installed SNMP configuration.
You could do all three of these tasks using the command-line tools,
and (in the first case) a simple shell script.

> I'm terribly struck because I don't know where to get started. I downloaded
> the source, tried the snmpget.c file and that works. But I don't know how to
> progress further.

Forget about the code.
Start by using the existing command-line tools, and getting a feel for them.

Can you retrieve the objects specified in step 1) using "snmpget" ?
(Just as a single one-off request).

>From the tone of your query, it sounds as if this is part of a student exercise,

or something similar. Is that correct?


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