On 22/01/2008, srinivas pippiri wrote:
> The table contains 6 rows and i am using the standard MIB tables

What does "the standard MIB tables" mean?

> 1st case
> index is two dimensional say suppose (Mib1.1.1).
> Here i am performing the Get-Next on the last index for all the MIB objects
> in the table in multiple varbind. In this case it is returning Generic
> error. If i take the index out of range also the same error we are getting.

Please can you supply the *exact* requests you are trying
(including the actual OIDs). I do not have the time to try and
guess this information from the descriptions you are providing.
A cut-n-paste transcript of a real testing session would be much clearer.

> Even if we take the out of range indexes also we are getting the correct
> response.

Same here.

> > How are the underlying contents of the table stored and retrieved?
> > What do the 'get_first'/'get_next' hook routines look like?

Could you please answer these questions.


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