I'm extending the main agent of Net-SNMP with a dynamically loadable sub-agent
that manages private sub-tree MIB.
The sub-agent retrieves the values of its objects communicating with an
external equipment connected by serial RS232.

In other words, in the MODE_GET case of the scalar helper handler,
I send a command to the serial port and waits for the answer from the
external equipment.

What should I do if the sub-agent doesn't receive any answer from the
equipment after the timeout, or it receives a corrupted answer?
Could SNMP_ERR_NOACCESS be the right choice,
or a more general error like SNMP_ERR_GENERR?

Another side margin question. Are there any differences between exceptions
(noSuchObject, noSuchInstance and endOfMib) and error codes?

Thanks for the answer.

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