On 22 Jan 2008 06:29:19 -0000, girish wrote:
> I'm using agent-subagent mode. In my subagent code i've a call back function
> where it will use snmp_set_var_typed_value function to respond
> to the master agent for snmpget operation. And I've used this as follows:
> snmp_set_var_typed_value(requestvb,ASN_OCTET_STR,( u_char *) ptrint, str_len);
> break;
> case TYPE_INT:
> snmp_set_var_typed_value(requestvb,ASN_INTEGER, (u_char *) ptrint, sizeof(INT));
> break;

What does the code *around* this fragment look like?
In particular, how is the variable 'requestvb' assigned?

It's almost impossible to diagnose problems with your code,
if you don't bother to show us what the code actually looks like.
Single lines in isolation are pretty much useless, unless that
happens to be where you've made the mistake.

Please *always* give a sensible amount of context.


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