On 22/01/2008, Leif Pit**** wrote:
> Is it possible to set the community string, port, and SNMP version without
> using the .conf files from the code itself?

What do you mean by "setting the community string and SNMP version"
of the agent? A command-line client needs to specify a particular single
version/community for a given request - but that's not true for the agent.
An SNMP agent will typically accept requests using a variety of versions,
community strings and SNMPv3 usernames.

Note that you can enbed *any* snmpd.conf directive directly within the code,
using the statement:

netsnmp_config( "rocommunity public" );

Alternatively, you could call the relevant config parsing routine yourself:

vacm_parse_rocommunity ( "rocommunity", "public" );


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