On 21/01/2008, srinivas pippiri wrote:
> I tried upgrading to 5.3.2 and still the problem remains.

> But if i include more than one MIB object including the last MIB object of
> the table, we are getting the problem of Generic error.

I've just tried a similar query with one of the standard
iterator-based MIB tables,
and it works fine. I'm more and more coming to the conclusion that this
is probably a bug in your particular MIB module, rather that the iterator
helper itself.

> In debug mode i have
> seen there is a big loop going on(say suppose if i include all the 6 MIB
> objects of the table get_next_data_point from our MIB module is getting
> called 28000 times).

How many rows are there in this table?
Note that the iterator helper is know to be relatively inefficient.
If you've got a large table, then you might be better off using one
of the other MIB helpers.

How are the underlying contents of the table stored and retrieved?
What do the 'get_first'/'get_next' hook routines look like?


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