On 21/01/2008, Raul Miguel Nery Ferreira Sa wrote:
> three values. That table is cDot11ClientConfigInfoTable and it is indexed
> by the values ifIndex, cd11IfAuxSsid and cDot11ClientAddress

> Now when i try and do a snmpwalk on this table in a cisco AP
> i can see and know what the values of cd11IfAuxSsid and
> cDot11ClientAddress mean and i also know how to get them. But the value of
> ifIndex comes somehow different than i have expected. Instead of just
> showing a number(corresponding to its interface) it shows two numbers,
> something like "1.3" instead of just "1".

That's probably not quite right.
I suspect that the extraneous '3' actually belongs to the cd11IfAuxSsid
index, not ti ifIndex. Is the length of the cd11IfAuxSsid value three
octets by any chance?

ifIndex is an integer-based index object, so will just use a single
cd11IfAuxSsid is a string-based index object, so the actual string value
will be preceded by the length of this string - 3.'a'.'b'.'c', rather
than just "abc".

That's not true of the final cDot11ClientAddress value, because this is a
MacAddress syntax object, which will *always* be six octets, so doesn't
need an explicit length. But any variable-length string (except sometimes
when it's at the end of the OID), needs a length subidentifier, so you can
tell where this value ends, and the cDot11ClientAddress value begins.


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