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> I am writing a MIB module for some specific piece of hardware. Some of
> my code needs to return values that are already available from
> standard MIB modules.

Then you should not need to return those values - the consuming application can get them from their authoritative sources.

> E.g. there is are OIDs that will return data of
> a specific interface and a trap sending the IP address of that
> interface as its data. Now rather than duplicating the code to get
> these values from the kernel I'd like to use the values already
> available from standard modules. Is that possible?

It is and isn't possible. There is no provision for sharing MIB information inside an agent, and security planning demands that it not be possible without access control. There is a simple workaround, though, which is to have a USM username/password (secure the password!) as part of the MIB information, which the MIB uses to query for the needed information. The v3 security keeps the agent locked down while your MIB gets the data it needs. It's probably a good idea to have a port number in that tuple, too, just in case the agent must be run on an off-port.



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