Magnus Fromreide wrote;
> I saw someone editing something about the net-snmp PHP interface in the
> wiki TODO list and that got me asking if there is a PHP interface
> included with net-snmp.
> If there isn't then I think it is questionable that discussion about it
> appears in the net-snmp TODO list. Having a pointer to it somewhere in a
> resources section is a very good idea but the TODO file is for things
> someone is planning to do within net-snmp.
> Should the PHP line be moved away from the TODO list?

Doesn't the same hold true for the Java line?
And didn't the same hold true for the Python line until recently? We now
do include a Python API -- which I think is a good example of why there
still can be things on the TODO list that we don't ship yet.

That said, I wouldn't say the TODO list is in good shape in general.
Didn't we want to update it for Google SoC 2006^H7^H8? ;-)


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