On 04/12/2007, somenath.pal@wipro.com wrote:
> I would like to verify my understanding.
> So "noSuchInstance" is a ASN1 type.

Sort of.
See RFC 1905, section 3 for the definition of the VarBind structure.

> I would like to know more about how the coding is being done. Could you
> please suggest me which RFC I can follow?

RFC 1905 is the document that describes SNMPv2
(though the lowest level of encoding a request into the
packet that's actually sent over the network follows the
Basic Encoding Rules, which is an ISO standard).

> Or how it is done in NetSnmp .

See snmplib - especially snmp_api.c and asn1.c

But I would suggest that this probably isn't the best way
to learn about SNMP. You would be much better off buying
a good book and studying that.


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