Hi Dave,

Many thanks for the response.
I would like to verify my understanding.
So "noSuchInstance" is a ASN1 type .So while encoding the PDU it will be
different than other type such as INTEGER, GAUGE32 etc. So manger while
decoding will come to knows that it is ""noSuchInstance". Please let me
know if my understanding is correct?

I would like to know more about how the coding is being done. Could you
please suggest me which RFC I can follow? Or how it is done in NetSnmp .


>> suppose noSuchInstance pseudo-values is 10

>No. It doesn't work that way,
>The exception pseudo-value *is* "noSuchInstance"
>This is essentially a type in its own right - distinct from
>integer, octet string, OID, etc
>> Then how manager will differentiate whether it is exception or

value ?
>The response varbind list will look something like:
> v1 = integer 17
> v2 = noSuchInstance
> v3 = noSuchInstance
> v4 = string "hello"

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