On 04/12/2007, somenath.pal@wipro.com wrote:
> I have one basic question regarding SNMPv2 GET response PDU.
> Suppose manager has queried for 3 attributes say v1, v2, v3, v4
> Now suppose the response for the attributes are as follows.

> V1 success
> V2 error (No Such instance)
> V3 error (No such instance)
> V4 success

Not quite.
The two 'noSuchInstance' cases are actually "exceptions"
rather than full errors.

> Now in response PDU error index will be set to 2.

With SNMPv2, the error index (and error status) will be set to 0.
The request has succeeded, and will report the two real values
together with the two noSuchInstance pseudo-values.

> So how manager will come
> to know that v2 and v3 has error in response?

Because it's not an error - the agent returns values
(or exception values) for all four varbinds.

This is one of the most significant improvements on SNMPv1,
which would have had to report a 'noSuchName' error for
the second variable. The manager would not know that there
was a problem with V3 as well, without trying another request
(V1, V3, V4).


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