Hi all,
i have added some lines in snmpd.conf to be able to get the memory usage
from 4 diferent tomcats. I invented my own OIDs and I would like to have
my MIB definition file to load it in my snmp manager.

exec . gatekeeperMemUsage
/usr/local/sbin/memory_monitoring.pl tomcat1
exec . licensingMemUsage
/usr/local/sbin/memory_monitoring.pl tomcat2
exec . swupgradeMemUsage
/usr/local/sbin/memory_monitoring.pl tomcat3
exec . o_mMemUsage
/usr/local/sbin/memory_monitoring.pl tomcat4

How could I write the definition file? Is it possible?

Moreover, I have an script which sends snmptraps with an OID which I
invented too....

Is it possible to have the mib definition file too?



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