I'm compiling 64 bit (I think). You mean the -L${SRCDIR}/lib/ssl and
-L${SRCDIR}/lib directories that are listed? -L${SRCDIR}/lib/ssl
contains libcrypto.a/libssl.a and ${SRCDIR}/lib contains the net-snmp

Here is my updated LD options:

${TARGET_MACHINE}_LDFLAGS = ${LIBS} -z muldefs -lkstat -lc -lm
-ladm -lp
osix4 -L${SRCDIR}/lib/ssl -L${SRCDIR}/lib -lnetsnmp -lgen -lelf -lnsl

Tried to follow the example ld listing from the Makefile that built the
"Example-demon.c" program on your webite as closely as possible. Big
difference though I was using GCC for that one and not the SUNWspro cc

The libraries for that one were:

BUILDLIBS=`net-snmp-config --libs` (same as I'm using above)

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Smith_Randy@emc.com schrieb:
> make[1]: Leaving directory
> `/vobs/pp2dev/obj_DEBUG/sparc_solaris_32_5_9/cmds/em

> ${TARGET_MACHINE}_LDFLAGS = ${LIBS} -z muldefs


That two directory names strike me. Are you compiling 64-bit or 32-bit?
Are you sure you have (and link) all code and libraries of the same


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