Dave Shield wrote:
> V5.2.3 was released in July 2006, and is a fairly old version by now.

The joys of Debian 'stable'

Thanks greatly for your message Dave, we use our own compiled 5.4.1 .deb
on all other machines, so I'll try to get this working for Debian.

> Note that one of the core developers of this project is listed as a
> Co-Maintainer of the Debian package, so I would expect that
> important fixes should find their way into the Debian distribution
> without too much trouble.

I'll assume this developer is on this list...
Do you want this reported as a bug? I'm going to loose interest in this
issue because I'm going to upgrade - but I'll report the issue to
Debian's bug tracker if you like


Ian P. Christian ~ pookey.co.uk

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