On 19/11/2007, Ian P. Christian wrote:
> We run 5.4 on many of our servers without problem, however a couple of
> our servers are debian, and run 5.2.3.
> Is it a known problem that there is a memory leak in 5.2.3 ?

V5.2.3 was released in July 2006, and is a fairly old version by now.

There have been over a dozen changes to the code since then
that explicitly mention the word "leak" in the commit message
(not to mention any leak fixes that weren't described as such).

It's impossible to say whether any of these patches address the
particular leak that you are seeing.
All we can suggest is that you upgrade to the latest version
on the affected systems, and see if that helps.

> Is this perhaps something that should be reported to debian such that
> they can backport a fix you guys have done?

Checking the Debian overview pages, they do appear to be looking
at 5.3.1 in "unstable" mode (and 5.4.1 in "testing"). That's probably
a more profitable approach than them (or us) trying to cherry-pick from
the umpteen hundred fixes that have been applied since 5.2.3.

Note that one of the core developers of this project is listed as a
Co-Maintainer of the Debian package, so I would expect that
important fixes should find their way into the Debian distribution
without too much trouble.


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