On 05/11/2007, Angie Cao wrote:
> Ok... I turned on the verbose output for snmptrapd by adding "-D
> ip_interface" switch. In the debug trace, here are the failure I
> found:
> -------------
> trace: _sess_process_packet(): snmp_api.c, 4919:
> sess_process_packet: pre-parse fail
> trace: _sess_read(): snmp_api.c, 5213:
> sess_read: not reading 6 (fdset 0xbff5af10 set 0)
> trace: _sess_read(): snmp_api.c, 5213:
> sess_read: not reading 4 (fdset 0xbff5af10 set 0)
> trace: snmp_sess_select_info(): snmp_api.c, 5632:
> sess_select: for all sessions: 8 6 4
> -----------------
> Obviously it is not able to process the packets.

The 5.1.x line extremely old now, and the code has
changed a lot since then. (So Mike's suggestion of
disableAuthorization isn't actually relevant here).

Checking the old code, the most likely cause is
probably the /etc/hosts.{allow,deny} settings on
the receiving system. This is probably only
configured to accept traps from "localhost",
and not from other systems.

But you should probably think about upgrading to
a more recent (supported) version of the code.


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