On 12/11/2007, Simony, Yaakov (Yaakov) wrote:
> GET-NEXT work fine, but I have trouble with GET and SET requests.
> If the OID total length (oid + index) is longer than 62 bytes, I get a
> NO_SUCH_NAME error back.
> If the total oid length is less than 62 bytes, then everything is ok.
> There is no such limitation with GET-NEXT. It works fine in any case.

> Any idea where this limitation comes from?

There's no obvious cause to this limitation.
Particularly since GETNEXT works.

There is an overall limit to an OID of 255 subidentifiers,
but 62 is well within this length.

> When the failure occurs, my Get() and Set() implementation routines are even
> not called, i.e. the request is rejected by the SNMP engine.
> I opened the Master-Agent logs and everything looks ok there.

The next stage is probably to determine whether it is the master
agent or the subagent that is rejecting this request.
Try starting one (or both) of these agents with packet dumps
enabled (e.g. '-d' on the main Net-SNMP agent), and then
issue the GET request.
Does the request get passed to the subagent or not?


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