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On 16/11/2007, Pili Mu=F1oz Gargallo wrote:
> Thank you very much for answering so soon.
> i am trying to install libsnmp15 like you told me to do but it complains
> about that library depends on libsnmp-base for version 5.4.1 but in my
> system there is `libsnmp-base' for 5.2.3-4ubuntu1.
> that means what i have to do is install libsnmp9 or i can upgrade libsnmp
> -base?

It sounds as if you might have a vendor-supplied version of Net-SNMP
already installed. In which case, I would suggest that you simply use
that one (or look at installing it from the kUbuntu CDs if necessary).
It's probably going to be simpler if you stick with a single build
environment, rather than trying to work with our binary distributions
(which won't necessarily be expecting quite the same set of libraries, etc).

That may well be a somewhat earlier release of the software, but it
doesn't sound as if you're looking at using anything particularly
cutting edge. So the vendor-supplied version would be perfectly
suitable - at least until you get a bit more familiar with both the Net-SNMP
tools, and installing software under Linux.


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