I have my SNMP v3 agent running with the following access control

================================================== ==========
agentgroup root
master agentx
agentxsocket tcp:
agentxperms 770 770 poongs root

com2sec frederic testing

createUser frederic MD5 mypassphrase DES
group groupv3 usm frederic
view all included .1 80
access groupv3 perl any noauth exact
all all all
================================================== =========

when I try the following command
snmpget -v3 -u frederic -n perl sysName.0
I get
Timeout: No Response from

What could be the problem.

I tried debugging the code and found the context information "perl" is
not available in the context_subtrees [netsnmp_subtree_find_first]

Am I missing something which is very basic

Thanks in Advance