On 13/11/2007, Dave Shield wrote:
> Just to report that I have recently submitted my preliminary reworking
> of the LM-SENSORS-MIB implementation, to the main development trunk,

> - This currently duplicates the existing list of sensor APIs
> (v2 lmsensors, PICLd and Kstat). But it should be
> somewhat simpler to add new APIs (such as v3 lmsensors)
> without having to wade through masses of #ifdef code.

OK - I've just submitted another module to support the lmsensors v3 API.
(see hardware/sensors/lmsensors_v3). This seems to provide the correct
values, compared to the output of the "sensors" command.

Note that I haven't yet tweaked the configure script to detect which
version of lmsensors has been installed. It would be necessary to
edit agent/Makefile and agent/mibgroup/Makefile by hand to switch
from lmsensors_v2 to lmsensors_v3.

But the basic functionality seems to be OK.

Again, comments welcome as to how badly I've mangled this
particular API....


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